It is well known that the composition of teams, boards or juries has an impact on discussions and their results. It is clear that mixed teams achieve better results. This is because they introduce different perspectives, sensitivities and experiences. Aspirations for inclusion, diversity and participation are only sustainable if they are well anchored within structures and working culture.


  • In order to make the structure of our platforms more diverse, we include different perspectives and people. To achieve this, we apply a management and recruitment policy that aims to achieve greater diversity. This is not only important in our teams (bar staff, security personnel, etc.), but also for the composition of boards, juries or programme groups.

  • We regularly reflect on the composition of and cooperation within our teams. We address any concerns, respond to questions and criticisms, listen and ask questions. In addition, we make sure that as many people as possible are involved in discussions and decisions and that (visible and invisible) power structures are broken down.

  • Within the team, it is worth taking the time to regularly create room for reflection in order to ensure lasting change. To this end it is useful to have at least one person in the team who is well versed in equality and anti-discrimination issues and can guide our processes. Wherever possible we also include external experts.

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