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Sexualisierte Gewalt. Rapport Helvetiarockt


Affected persons of sexualised violence are often not believed, their perception put into question and they are attributed a co-responsibility. Violence prevention is mainly targeted at the (possible) affected persons and not at the perpetrators.
We don’t give sexualised violence any space. We observe, support each other and fight against sexualised violence by talking about it.
First of all, it is about supporting affected persons and strengthening them. We listen to affected persons and do not contradict them. They know best what they need. We ask them and offer support.
We observe and don’t turn our heads, we step in and actively point it out when we observe one person crossing the boundaries of another person. We act responsibly and actively.
Furthermore, we point out the behaviour of the people in our surrounding (friends, co-workers etc.) and thus initiate reflexion. We always respect our own boundaries.

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