• We sensitise all employees about sexual harassment, assault and discriminatory behaviour.

  • Points of contact and contact persons allow guests and employees to report harassment, discriminatory behaviour and abuses, and to receive support. We ensure that these contact points and contact persons are visible, and we actively point out this support.

  • We take the statement of any affected person seriously and acknowledge their subjective sense of what has happened without making any value judgement. In every instance the affected person has the right to make their own judgement with respect to their boundaries and any hurt experienced.

  • We can discuss further procedures together with the person concerned. Should there be an intervention? How can the affected person be supported? Does the affected person need any additional support that we are unable to provide? In such cases we are able to recommend details of advice and assistance from third parties.

  • We attempt to talk to the accused person and draw conclusions depending on the wishes of the affected person and the severity of the harassment, the discriminatory behaviour or the abuse. It is important to protect the safety and freedom of everyone involved.

  • Within the team we discuss harassment, discriminatory behaviour and assaults and set standards as to how we can proceed in various cases (prevention, intervention, reprimand, exclusion, etc.). We regularly take time to reflect on and learn from incidents and actions taken within the team. Conflicts should never be handled by only one person – it requires the support (including psychological) of the whole team, so as not to overload any one individual.

  • With respect to police contact, we note that, for example, people with an insecure residency status, experience a threat situation.

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