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It is well known that the composition of teams, boards or juries has an impact on discussions and their results. It is clear that mixed teams achieve better results. This is because they introduce different perspectives, sensitivities and experiences. Aspirations for inclusion, diversity and participation are only sustainable if they… Read More


It goes without saying that we will never put on events that are clearly misleading, homophobic, transphobic, racist, misogynistic or derogatory in any other way. If there is any doubt, we enter into a dialogue with the artists, ask questions, share our perceptions and initiate reflection. We stand by our programme… Read More


By planning and designing our rooms in ways that show awareness, we make it a lot easier for as many people as possible to access our club and festival. Infrastructures We have created space and access for all by removing obstacles such as entrances and exits without stairs or with… Read More


We can be contacted about sexual harassment, assault and discriminatory behaviour by those affected and can reach out to the appropriate reporting channels and take action if necessary. Intervention We sensitise all employees about sexual harassment, assault and discriminatory behaviour. Points of contact and contact persons allow guests and employees… Read More


Language, text and images exert definite influences on our ideas of gender identity and social, cultural and ethnic origin as well as health, age and beauty, amongst other things. Using non-discriminatory language and a range of images to communicate can break down and question stereotypes and role models. It is… Read More

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