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The Diversity Roadmap provides simple recommendations for more diversity and equality in clubs and at festivals.

We view clubs and festivals as public places that should be accessible to all who are interested. For us, life with diversity and participation means assuming responsibility and taking appropriate measures to create spaces that are more non-discriminatory and to actively promote respectful coexistence of different ways of living. The «Diversity Roadmap» does not offer ready-made answers and solutions, but encourages us to question, discuss and develop our own attitudes and actions.

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Diversity Roadmap Helvetiarockt

The Diversity Roadmap was launched in the Spring of 2019.

The goal is for the music industry to be mindful and resolute in the face of discrimination, to treat people with respect and to involve as many people as possible. Together with partners, new tips and suggestions are constantly being developed on how events, programs, communication and structures can be made more non-discriminatory and diverse. The Diversity Roadmap exists in digital and printed form. It has been translated into English, French and Italian.




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